This blog is going to be a technical space for me to post ideas and expression.  To discuss those ideas the expression will probably be code heavy – but I will attempt to make the general concepts accessible.  As a hint of whats to come I’m currently thinking about General Cryptography, Image Processing, Qt, C/C++, Matlab, etc…


The Mathworks inspired me to start this blog; I seem to have aggravated them when I wrote a subset of the Image Processing toolbox and since Mathworks Central will no longer accept new C/C++ Mex submissions from me.  If they end up tuning in and are looking for my justification I was looking for a few image processing functions that supported other data types – more than just doubles and small uints which sent me down that rabbit hole.  From there I wanted to see how my benchmarks would compare against their code and how abstract I could get my code.


I have a day job and this is something I would like to undertake for my relaxation (yup, I’m a geek), so I’m hoping to post some ideas from the last few years and then cover newer stuff as I get to it in between work, school, and having fun outside.  I recently upgraded from a PC to a Mac, and I will need a bit of time to get some of my older code running simultaneously with GCC and Visual C++; so it will be posted when complete.


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